One Day Detox Plan

Have you ever wondered how life would have been if we had a “Human Servicing Centre”, where we could go when our body had complains like frequent headaches, constipation, hair fall, joint pains, tiredness, loss of appetite, dull skin, etc. and could get back into our routine life minus these. Most of us these days face at least one of these problems and are disturbed by the way these conditions impact our day-to-day life.

In the first place why are we facing these problems? Let me try explaining the reasons for these to you – we are exposed to so much of pollutants daily from automobiles, factories etc., we eat foods sprayed with pesticides, packed with preservatives and to add to these our body’s own metabolic by-products. Together these form what are called as toxins that pollute and irritate our body’s vital organs. As such our body is capable of fighting these toxins out but due to reasons like age and health conditions of individuals, they begin to accumulate in our body resulting in toxin overload. Human body’s natural process of elimination of toxins occurs through liver, skin, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system and digestive system.

In order to help our body get rid of these toxins we need to follow what is known as the “detox diet”. The detox plan works to strengthen the efficiency of these organs in removing unwanted substances from the body by choosing foods that are light and non-irritating to the system. The many benefits of following a detox include improvement in condition of skin, hair, digestion, improved immunity and more over it leaves you feeling energized.

A detox can be a one-day, weekend or a seven-day plan depending on the condition of the individual. I will be telling you about a one-day cleansing diet plan in this blog. I would not suggest detox to pregnant or lactating women, people with medical conditions like Diabetes, liver disease etc., anyone who is recovering from fever or cold, any person going through a de-addiction program. This plan would be ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight or someone who is suffering from problems like frequent headaches, constipation, hair fall, joint pains, tiredness, loss of appetite, dull skin, etc.. I have given the list of foods to be included and avoided during this plan below:

Foods to be included Foods to be avoided
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Unprocessed grains like brown rice, barley, oats and corn
  • Beans and pulses like soybeans, dried peas, lentils, chickpeas
  • Sprouts
  • Nuts and oil seeds
  • Herbs – mint, coriander leaves, ginger, tulsi
  • Herbal teas
  • Water – approx. 3 liters/day
  • Processed and refined foods
  • Alcohol, tea and coffee, aerated drinks
  • Canned foods
  • Non-veg foods
  • Excess salt and sugars
  • High fat foods
  • All wheat products.

While following a detox plan, just checking on diet will not be enough, we need a proper routine of some light exercises like walks, swimming, stretching, breathing exercises; yoga;relaxing massages; and also meditation to relax our mind. Last but not the least a good nights sleep of at least 8 hours. The idea behind the detox plan is to completely relax your body and mind at least for one full day. The result would be a more energetic you.

I will plan a sample detox diet for a day followed by some simple recipes.

  • On waking: a glass lukewarm water with few drops of lemon juice
  • Breakfast: 1 glass of fruit juice+ bowl of sprouts
  • Mid morning snack: I cup of herbal tea +veg cuttings
  • Lunch: 1 bowl brown rice + 1 bowl boiled lentils
  • Teatime snack: 1cup of herbal tea+ handful of nuts
  • Dinner: 1 bowl vegetable soup+ fruits salad

A little planning is to be done before you take up the detox plan like cutting down on foods like meat, fried foods, sugary and high salted foods and alcohol at-least two days before.  Also have psyllium husk to help in normal bowel movement.


Fruit juice

Oranges-2, Apples-3, Carrots-2

Blend all the ingredients and strain it to get a refreshing detox drink rich in flavonols, ascorbic acid, and beta-carotene.

Sprouts salad

Green gram sprouts

Fenugreek sprouts

Roasted and coarsely ground peanuts

Diced Tomatoes and cucumber

Coriander leaves finely chopped

Lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

Toss all ingredients together and enjoy a wholesome nutrient packed treat.


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