Weight Loss Management – myths and facts

Many people come to me saying that losing weight is the most difficult thing to do. They are either left demotivated by the diet plan or are totally exhausted to follow it till they reach their target. Why is there so much confusion over the weight issue? This confusion has lead many people to just about blindly follow any diet in the hope to lose weight. They end up trying every diet with the resultant weight loss and weakness and then regaining back the lost pounds after a while. This whole process is so frustrating and taxing for the body. People have certain myths about their body and the weight loss. In this section, we’ll try to validate these myths.

Myths vs Facts

MYTH1: Do not combine carbohydrates and proteins in a single meal

FACT: This is not practical as we eat foods that are both good sources of carbohydrates and proteins. The food combination of carbohydrates and protein like Iddli, Dosa, khichdi etc has been followed for a very long time. Yes, their digestion process is different but it is no big deal for the body’s digestive system.

MYTH2: If we eat less or skip meals, we will lose weight

FACT: When we eat less or skip a meal we would end up feeling starved and hence eat more in the next meal. So it is not a good idea to do so. Moreover this habit of skipping meals can lower your metabolic rate.

MYTH3: Eating Carbohydrates will make me fat

FACT: Including the right types of carbohydrates in your meals will never make you fat. In fact eating healthy carbohydrates is the key to healthy weight loss.

MYTH4: Going on a oil free diet will help you lose weight

FACT: Completely going off oil for longer periods is not a good idea as they have many important roles in our body like supplying of Essential fatty acids, for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.

MYTH5: Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar

FACT: My advice would be to go low on sugars and go for natural substitute like honey, jaggery or raw sugar. Using artificial sweeteners occasionally is okay but do not use it extensively.

MYTH6: Snacking will lead to weight gain

FACT: Having healthy snacks will never lead to weight gain. It is in fact advisable to include snacks in between meal times, so that we do not get over hungry by the next meal. Have healthy snacks like fruits, vegetable cuttings, sprouts, roasted grams, nuts, buttermilk etc. handy.

MYTH6: We need to follow a diet and workout only till our target weight loss

FACT: I would recommend you to instead make slight dietary modification for a life time and also to include a good regimen of exercise in your daily routine like walks, swimming, aerobics, yoga, cycling etc. of your choice.

The best way to a healthy weight loss is to follow the food pyramid. If the diet is planned in accordance to the guidelines mentioned in the food pyramid then one is bound to have a well balanced diet. Now lets review the kind of diets we normally follow for weight loss-high protein diet with no or very low carbohydrate, all fruit diet, soup diet and many other miracle diets. There are others like certain pills and powder supplements making false claims of weight loss. All these diets are deficient in one or more of nutrients, so these weight loss plans should not be followed for a longer period of time.


  • A well-planned and balanced diet tailor made to individual needs.
  • The most important point to remember is never to get obsessed with your weight. The more you have your weight on your mind the more it is bound to stay on to you and take longer for you to achieve your target.
  • Stay focused and follow a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime.
  • You need to keep giving yourself positive affirmations to keep up your spirits. These will keep you motivated.
  • Having a picture of a slimmer you on your mind can help youin achieving your target weight.
  • Setting realistic goals is very important.
  • Reward yourself when you reach a target.
  • Be positive and the most important is to stay happy and
  • content.
  • Find time for meditation or any other relaxing techniques.
  • Don’t be very hard on yourself; occasional cheating is okay.
  • Last but not the least is to pamper your body by going for massages, steam and sauna bath, head spa etc.

Change is the need of the hour; change your attitude towards your body, your eating habit, your lifestyle and the most important weight loss.


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